My Disappointing Trance Sitting with a Kent Medium

As many would know, I’m fascinated by the altered-states and in particular those used in the development and demonstration of trance mediumship. So, when a colleague several months ago sent me a video link of a Kent based trance medium demonstrating at a local Spiritualist centre I was excited to find out more about this medium and if possible to go and see them demonstrate.

I fortunately found the medium on Facebook and after having my friend request accepted, noticed they also did private trance sittings. So, I sent the medium a message asking how much they charged and if it would be possible to come and see them for a sitting.

I’ve always found attending public demonstrations of trance and the opportunity to ask questions to the spirit control limited, so I relished the opportunity of having a complete and an uninterrupted hour to have a real dialogue with a spirit control.

So a date and time was set. 10th July at 7pm.

As I travelled to the home of Elaine in Margate I was thinking of all sorts of questions I could ask if the opportunity arose, concerning my own development, the spirit world, the process of death etc..

What follows is my personal account and interpretation of what was said on that evening of 10th July 2017 based upon the audio recordings taken.

When I arrived and entered the home, permission was given to record the sitting, and Elaine very quickly went into trance and Jonathan (Elaine’s spirit control) introduced himself.

However, shortly into the sitting I was aware something wasn’t quite right. I was neither aware of the presence of a spirit influence nor was the information being given entirely applicable. Of course I am always willing to concede that I may be mistaken in not sensing spirits’ presence but I cannot explain why very rudimentary information was just so wrong. Especially when this was meant to becoming from a spirit control who himself stated he was aware of my spirit team and grandfather.

All mediums have the odd day when their mediumship for whatever reason isn’t on point, this is a normal part and risk of being a medium offering public demonstrations and sittings. So some may ask why the need to publish this experience? Well, because this experience highlighted a number of serious concerns that I believe question the authenticity of the trance on that evening, and possibly on other occasions thus there is the need to protect the public. Lastly Elaine’s professional integrity, as I found out recently when I provided Elaine with a copy of the transcript and attempted to discuss these concerns with her, to gain her thoughts on what might of happened, all the while myself being open to suggestions to where I maybe be mistaken in my thoughts.

1) Authenticity of the trance.

I accept it’s difficult to authenticate trance, but as you will read in the transcript, when I had concerns about the sitting, I asked Jonathan to explain if he had sufficient control of Elaine. This was to determine if the errors in the information given maybe due to poor blending or control between spirit and the medium, hence possible colouration affecting what spirit wanted to say.

Jonathan responded that he had quite a lot of control and he could hear what was being said by the medium.

So I clarified if he was aware of those in spirit who work with me (and my grandfather) to which he said he was.

This is confusing because from what Jonathan said, he is implying he is happy with everything that was being said, yet if he was aware of the spirit team that work with me or my grandfather, they would have been able to provide him with correct information.

Let’s continue…

So I further queried Jonathan on how it is possible to determine genuine trance from other altered-states (higher-self). To which Jonathan responded initially “you just will" and then further gave the following method:

a) you’ll sense the presence of the energy [well I didn’t],

b) from the intelligence of what is said [nothing said was beyond that of a student developing mediumship],

c) from alterations in the voice or facial features [has she met Gary Mannion? The point being, these are not definitive methods, and I suspect a genuine spirit control would know this],

d) that he (Jonathan) provides evidence of an after-life,

e) …and gives events of future happenings. [all events given had already occurred]

Let’s visit d) that Jonathan provides evidence of an after-life.

I asked Jonathan, if he was still aware of my grandfather could he give me a little evidence of him being there. The evidence Jonathan provided was very poor and I’ve had far better from platform mediums, which is again confusing because Jonathan said he was aware of my grandfather, so surely he would have been able to provide a relevant description? Having sat with other trance mediums, I know this to be true.

Also, if we use Jonathan’s own method for determining the genuineness of the trance on that evening, Jonathan’s own demonstration would be considered as not genuine! Is this not getting a little ridiculous?

Here we have a situation of spirit providing a method of determining genuineness of trance that they don’t pass themselves! Naturally leads me to question the authenticity of not just the sitting that evening, but what has happened at other demonstrations and sittings.

2) Professional Integrity.

I left that evening not sure of what I had witnessed and strongly suspected that I hadn’t really witnessed a trance demonstration but I err’ing on the side of caution and not wanting to jump to incorrect conclusions; I opted to wait a little while and listen to the recording made just in case there was evidence given that I may have initially missed on the evening (being slightly hard of hearing I’m always mindful that I might not catch everything said). Disappointedly, having listened to the recording I found myself agreeing with my initial assessment and after a couple months agonising over how to approach this with Elaine, because I had no reason initially to doubt her integrity and know this would be a sensitive conversation. I decided that I would spend time transcribing the sitting so to privately share with Elaine along with my concerns. It was my hope that by providing Elaine with the transcript and reading through, she could see where my concerns lay and help address and privately discuss them.

Sadly Elaine missed this opportunity and instead opted to question my motives, insisting my intention was to mock her, put her down, question my own spirituality, and that I should go and learn a lesson that, “Not every reading is going to be perfect” (but was happy to accept payment), and then chose not to respond any further. This I find very disappointing and left me little choice other than to share the transcript publicly to so that others can form their own opinions. I would have hoped any professional medium would be horrified that someone wasn’t happy with a sitting they provided, and would perhaps offer to conduct another sitting if the individual would be willing or at least be willing to discuss the sitting to try an understand the concerns. As such I’m left questioning Elaine’s professional integrity which only further makes me question the authenticity of her trance.


From my experience, from the content of what was said and lack of evidence provided it is my personal opinion that there was no spirit presence or any genuine trance demonstrated on that evening. Further, and more concerning, it is evident that although Jonathan (or Elaine) stated he was aware of my spirit team and grandfather, it is clear from what was said that he actually wasn’t. So, here we have a spirit control saying he’s aware of spirit and unaware that he isn’t aware of spirit! This concerns me greatly and to me suggests further that not only can the sitting on that evening be questionable but also all past demonstrations and sittings conducted by Elaine.

It is always disappointing to blog about individuals who for whatever reason are either deliberately defrauding the public, or who are under the misconception that they’re demonstrating spirit communication (disillusioned) and not willing to do anything about it. But I could not in good conscience allow this experience to go unreported all the while Elaine is refusing to address my concerns and continues to conduct for monetary gain her trance demonstrations and sittings.

I have detailed below a brief transcription of what occurred, the text in blue italics are my later thoughts having listened to the recording made.


And lastly…

One of the most telling things that may explain this experience occurred as I stood in the doorway about to leave, and Elaine mentioned I looked so young for someone who had been involved in Spiritualism and mediumship for the period that I had.

Did Elaine make an assumption based upon her perception of my age when I arrived that evening? If so, could this explain the colouration of the information, but to admit this after purporting to be Jonathan for the hour and giving the information as she did, means she’d have to admit she consciously/unconsciously pretended to be in trance. Probably not something she would want to do.

Chris Connelly 2017