Exploring Altered States using Hypnosis

There has always been a close association with hypnotic states and the development of mediumship. In fact history tells us during the decline in the popularity of mesmerism in the late 19th Century coincided with the apparent birth of modern spiritualism where many mesmerists later become Spiritualists’ due to the commonalities found between states of mesmerism (hypnosis) and mental states of Spiritualist phenomena.

Since the inception of mesmerism by Franz Mesmer in the 18th Century, advocates of it’s healing potential found that often their clients whilst in the hypnotic state would express and demonstrate strange phenomena of telepathy and clairvoyance. So it was no surprise therefore that in early development circles mesmerist techniques such as the ‘passing of hands’ often were used to encourage Spiritualist phenomena by expediting the medium into an altered stated.

Unfortunately these skills and technique have since been surpassed by the convention of meditative and workshop approach to development relying upon the faculties of the student to over time come to an awareness of the Spirit realms and those wishing to communicate from it. This I find a shame as from personal experience and through working with others it has been demonstrated time and time again that by simply learning some simple mesmerist techniques the student is able to enter an altered state, conducive to mediumistic development quickly and more consistently.

Of course simply entering an altered state does not necessarily mean cooperation from a spirit communicator is guaranteed but when we understand the much of the inaccuracies through mediumship is due to the impressions of the mediums mind upon the information. It can be seen that by entering an altered state and with practice it is possible to gradually reduce these impressions from the mediums mind thus allowing a more coherent flow of the information that the spirit communicator ‘really’ wants to say. It is precisely this that the mesmerist techniques are able to assist the medium, and why I regularly conduct workshops over the UK to teach mediums with varying amounts of ability and experience how to use such techniques to permit further exploration of their mediumship.

My next workshop will be at the Arthur Findlay Centre in Stafford (UK) on 10-12 June 2016.

Chris Connelly 2017