Subjective, Objective…….. why it’s all mental!

I recently watched a youtube clip where a rather well known medium referred to Clairvoyance as having 2 forms, Subjective and Objective… and cringed!

These are references that I used to hear quite a lot about when I first started inquiring into mediumship and Spiritualism, and referred to how the communicator or information would be perceived by the medium.

For those you may not have heard the terms before here is a brief explanation. Subjective refers to the impressions the medium may get that are perceived within the mind and imagination, whereas Objective refers to the perceived locality of the information or communicator being outside of their mind e.g. the medium may objectively see or hear the spirit person.

Now although these terms refer quite correctly how the information may be perceived by the mediums it doesn’t reflect the reality of what is being perceived and feel it only adds confusion for students, who later may incorrectly believe that because they have objectively perceived phenomena through their Clairvoyance that this becomes Physical Mediumship. Or fuels Mediums misrepresenting their mediumship in public when we hear phrases such as “..and I see your father standing beside you…” or “I see spirit walking around you”.

In truth, subjective and objective mediumship originates within the mind of the medium and as such is only really subjective; regardless of how it is perceived and is referred to as Mental mediumship.

Objective experiences are not only isolated to the field of mediumship development. Using hypnosis it is possible to induce hallucinations where individuals can have an experience involving the perception of something not present in the physical reality but exists within the mental faculties of the individual. I’m not suggesting mediums are hallucinating only that the perception of a communicator or information outside of the mental aspects of the medium follows the same processes as would be found with hallucinations.

Chris Connelly 2017