What is this ‘Sitting in the Power’?

I first came across this practise whilst attending a weekend workshop held at the Arthur Findlay College back in January 1999 hosted by the late Glyn Edwards. Coincidently, also in attendance that weekend were trainee tutors, Sonia Driscoll, Mark Webb and Mike Hunter, along with tutors Leah Bond, the late Eileen Mitcheson and the late Jill Harland.

Each morning would start in the Sanctuary with Glyn explaining what Sitting in the Power (SitP) was about and its importance to mediumistic development. What I am to convey here are those instructions as I remember them.

It was from Glyn asking the spirit world the question ‘what can students do to assist their development after they leave these courses’? That the answer come through the trance mediumship of Mark Webb, where James (Marks’ spirit control) gave details of this practise.

It should be understood from the outset that SitP is a practise and not a meditation, where generally the meditator strives to develop an inner calm and peace. The purpose of SitP is to develop an awareness of energies arising from different sources and appreciate how those energies may affect our own energy (or power) during the blending process.

The steps to SitP are quite simple to remember and after a few attempts anyone should be able to progress through the SitP with ease.


1) Like all practises you need to find yourself a place where won’t be disturbed for short while.

2) Sitting upright, close your eyes and gently take your awareness to your breath.

3) Be aware of your breath as you breathe in… and… out…

4) Stay with that for a few seconds or until you notice yourself starting to relax.

Now the cool stuff!

5) On your next ‘in’ breath, imagine yourself, your power or light, however you wish to describe your power, imagine that slowly expanding on every ‘in’ breath.

6) Continue and imagine you’re filling the room with your power.

7) Then continue with the ‘in’ breath, and imagine this power expanding out into nature.

8) Finally progress and imagine this power expanding out into the universe.

Throughout this practise if your find your mind wandering - that’s fine, just take your awareness back to your breath and continue where you left off. It’s important to note, that it doesn’t matter how many times your mind wanders and you have to bring it back to the breath, one benefit of SitP is that it helps to build the ability to hold focus. Just keep with it and certainly do not get frustrated!

9) When you are ready, mentally send an invitation out to the spirit world asking for the power of the spirit world to blend with your power.

Here we are not asking for a spirit person but the essence, the power of spirit. As such if you find yourself communicating with a spirit person you’re not in the power and you need to return back to the breath, and when ready ask once again for the power of spirit world to blend with you once more.

10) Stay with this power, being mindful of how this power is affecting you. This can be physically or mentally or emotion, or all three. Some speak of seeing colours, some speak of just experiencing a feeling of peace. Whatever you experience (or not experience) know it’s right for you at this time.

11) After a short while, mentally send an invitation out to God (Universal consciousness or whatever your interpretation may be) and ask for this power to now blend with your power. Again stay with the power, being mindful of how this power affects you.

12) After a short while, you may bring yourself back, slowly to your normal consciousness.

Another interesting point to realise that the expansion of your own energy forms the foundations of your own psychic and mediumistic development. It is quite usual in development workshops to learn to expand your own power either to the individual whilst performing a psychic reading or out into the spirit world when conducting a mediumistic communication. It all starts with an expansion of your power/energy and you feeling into this expansion to gain the impressions that then form the basis of the information we provide (either psychic or mediumistic).

I’ve taken the opportunity to record a rough explanation and short example of Sitting in the Power, please see.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXD-M8sH91o

Chris Connelly 2017