A Report of a Physical Seance with Medium David Thompson

I am acutely aware of the suspicions surrounding all forms of physical mediumship and the need for thorough and proper controls to be in-place prior, during and after all demonstrations of such phenomena. As such I approach all opportunities to sit in a physical sťance with an open but investigative mind-set. An approach not uncommon to me coming from a science and engineering background (working in the aviation and space industries for over 23 years) and one that I feel has served me well as I continue to investigate and explore all forms of mediumistic phenomena.

On the specific sťance in question conducted at the Banyan Retreat (UK) on the evening of Thursday 13th†September 2012. After being physical searched twice, checked with a metal detector, I was then seated next to one of the independent checkers who was then seated next to Steven from the Banyan Retreat.

Incidentally I personally knew both independent checkers chosen and can testify that neither David nor Christine (circle leader) knew these persons prior to the evening and are both of high personal integrity.

At approximately 20:05 hours all sitters were seated and I witnessed the independent checkers thoroughly searching the room, inside and outside of the cabinet and checking the solidity and firmness of the cabinet.

I also witnessed the male independent checker physically search David Thompson.

I then witnessed David being clothed with a dark coloured cardigan, which through the buttonholes nylon cables ties were placed thereby securing and preventing the cardigan being undone.

Both independent checkers then witnessed David being strapped into the chair, gagged and cables ties used to prevent release.

Both independent checkers testified that that were both happy with the conditions in which the sťance may continue.

I don’t intend to go through every phenomena witnessed for fear of spoiling the experience for new sitters. However two forms of physical phenomena Levitation (macroPK) and Direct Voice did occur which I found particularly interesting and therefore will briefly mention.

Levitation (MacroPK): Two trumpets were used by the spirit control and moved at great speed around the room and at close proximity to all the sitters, but never once colliding with a sitter. At numerous times both trumpets would be spun together but at all times I could see the luminous strips, thereby indicating that they were not being held by a physical person as surely as the trumpet passed behind the body or arm of the individual the strip would disappear. But this was not the case – the luminous strips were visible at all times.

At one points both trumpets came around to where I was seated and gently tapped my knees before the trumpets were lifted and each shoulder tapped before finally rising to tap gently on my head. Then at great speed both trumpets moved to the other side of the room. At all times the movement of the trumpets showed perfect control.

Direct voice: On this occasion we experienced direct voice in red light conditions. The spirit control instructed Christine to move aside the cabinet curtain and to take both independent checkers to view inside of the cabinet thereby testifying that David was still in a trance state and firmly bound and gagged. Both checkers testified to this.

Leaving the curtain aside, Christine and both checkers walked with the aid of a red light to the far end of the room and shone the red light on the floor but in the direction of the cabinet. Although light levels were low I could still make out the silhouettes of the sitters seated on the other side of the room. But more importantly I could clearly hear the spirit control talking throughout this process, and explaining that they had formed an ectoplasmic voice box on David’s right shoulder from which the spirit control was able to communicate.

The sťance concluded with the levitation of David (still strapped and gagged to the chair) from out of the cabinet to the far end of the room (approx. 6m).†

Time: 22:10 hours.

When considering the evidential nature of the phenomena witnessed that evening. A new sitter should bear in mind whether in full light, red light or in complete darkness. A single experience of mediumship in any form can no more prove survival than a single fingerprint on a murder weapon can conclusively identify a murderer. A single experience will only ever provide evidence ‘to suggest’ possible survival, not prove survival.

It is only through obtaining many experiences of the vast array of mediumistic phenomena that we are able to formulate a conclusion based on probable likeliness of survival being true.

Taken in this context I would say the evening provided me with no reason to doubt the integrity of David Thompson, Christine Morgan or our hosts at the Banyan Retreat and that the phenomena witnessed that evening was genuine physical phenomena.

Chris Connelly

14th†Sept 2012

© Chris Connelly 2017