The Many Facets of Spirit

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The case I’m about to detail surrounds a young lady who made an appointment for a session of Past Life Regression to explore the possibility of resolving her long standing problem with establishing and maintaining relationships.

June (name changed to protect confidentiality) was in her early thirties, self-employed running a successful business and had no particular medical history to mention.

On meeting June she explained her frustration with her past relationships, having never married, June was again single after a being in a relationship for a couple of years. “The same old story”, was Junes’ answer when I questioned her over the reason behind the latest separation. June explained that she never has a problem meeting partners and admitted that she is most of the time very fond of the new partner. However she explained “It’s like, something or someone is missing, like I’m waiting for someone and when I get that feeling I loose interest in the relationship I’m in”.

After the general conversation and introductory talk explaining what to expect, a simple associated entry into a Past Life concerning June relationship problem was carried out.

As the past life character June was a young woman of 24 years of age, living in Midland area of Victorian Britain at the turn of the 20th Century, and who gave the name of Molly.

Molly felt that she was very fortunate coming from a family where her father had a well paid and respectable job, allowing Molly and her mother to enjoy a modest level of security.

Molly was the only child and at the point of entry into the past life Molly had not married and both Molly’s parents were alive and well.

As the past life experience unfolded it was discovered that Molly was very much in love with a young man named Jack who worked in the same company as her father. They had been courting with her parents’ permission for several weeks and Molly was very excited about the prospect of getting married.

She and Jack had already discussed seeking her father permission to marry.

Moving to the next significant event in this life, Molly found herself standing at the grave side of Jack. On exploring, it appeared that there had been a tragic accident at the company where her father and Jack worked. Several men had been seriously hurt and two men, one of which was Jack who eventually died from his injuries.

At this point Molly started to show signs of getting upset and so healing techniques were used to dissipate the negative emotion felt and Molly was left for a few minutes bathed in a healing white light.

Once Molly felt ready, the life was resumed and we progressed through Mollys’ life and found that Molly never married, although she had received a number of proposals she declined each one.

We eventually arrived to the last day of Molly’s life, lying in bed in her family home, very much alone with the exception to an old friend nursing her at the last moments. We explored the scene before taking Molly through the death experience and positioned Molly to look at her own body lying there in bed and to reflect on her past life.

Molly admitted to have regretted never marrying Jack and felt bitter about the events that had taken place in her life that had taken Jack away from her so young and that left her feeling isolated and lost for the remaining years of her life.

I reminded Molly that she was now in spirit form and as such could invite Jack to be with her now. Molly expressed a sense of joy at that prospect and proceeded to call Jacks’ name.

At this point I need to stop and explain a little about myselfas well as a therapist passionate about past life and other therapies within the transpersonal fields. I have also been a Spiritualist Medium for many years where I’m involved in the training and education within the Spiritualist National Union. To put simply I am aware of the presence of what we call, discarnate spirit or spirit of those that once lived. I appreciate for some readers who may be a little sceptical of Past Lives, the previous statement may be a little too much to view this case as credible. But I would urge those readers to stay with it just for a few more paragraphs, because what then happened to Molly even surprised me.

After a few moments of Molly calling Jacks name, Molly mentioned she could see Jack and he was with her. At that point I was surprised to find myself aware of Jacks’ spirit presence in the room with myself, and standing looking over June lying in the reclining chair in my office. I quickly assessed the experience checking to see whether I really was aware of Jacks presence as a separate entity, or was I intuitively picking up images from June that was then manifesting at my consciousness level as Jacks presence. Through my training in the field of mediumship I came to the conclusion that the spirit of Jack that had known Molly all those years ago was actually here.

Through the process of mediumship I queried as to why Jack was here with us, to which Jack replied he was here to reclaim Molly.

I found this reply initially disconcerting as I had the perception that we are all a single spirit having many lives. So if Jack wanted to reclaim Molly then what would happen to June? Were they not both the same spirit? I mentally expressed my concern but was reassured that everything would be ok.

I therefore proceeded and asked if Molly would like to join Jack within the spirit realms and leave all the bitterness and negative emotion once experienced in this lifetime behind. Molly eagerly agreed, and then found myself aware of the spirit form of Molly leaving the physical body of June and embrace Jack, who had remained standing beside June.

The last mental impression I had of both Jack and Molly was them both holding hands, smiling before eventually fading.

June was then guided back from the past life and emerged from the trance state. It was clear from just looking at June that an important event had taken place that would have a profound effect on June.June emerged smiling and stating how she felt a heavy weight had lift from her.


June is currently in a new relationship, although “it’s early days”; June admits she feels a lot different about this relationship and is enjoying seeing where this relationship leads.


So what can we make from this experience? To some it may resemble the typical spirit attachment and release process. Perhaps Molly was really a separate discarnate spirit that had attached itself to June and in doing so was impeding June capacity to enjoy relationships. Going through this past life experiences then allowed closure of the negative emotions felt by Molly.

I have however always felt a little uncomfortable with the notion of spirit attaching themselves to others. So perhaps an alternative explanation might be found if we change how we perceive the concept of ‘spirit’.

Perhaps the ‘spirit’ we often refer to is not a single entity but perhaps instead should be viewed like a diamond with many thousands of facets. All of these facets are simultaneously experiencing life at different times and places before eventually and individually returning at death to the whole.

Perhaps problems that occur in our current life that have there roots in some past life are not because of a lingering memory of an unjust deed or emotion that has been carried unconsciously from one life to another. But instead because a particular facet that requires some assistance has accompanied another facet on its journey through its life. In doing so this inadvertently affects the life choices and experiences to be gained by that facet.

Perhaps our job as therapists therefore is not necessarily to assist the client to come to terms with the offending memory from a past life but to facilitate integration of all the facets and guide the offending facet back to its rightful place.

Chris Connelly 2017