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The following day, a paintball tournament takes place, in which the winner gets a kiss from Subaru as Punyuru, who won a previous beauty pageant. A Kiss Note is a powerful notebook that makes anyone who has their name written together will instantly fall in love if they kiss each other regardless of any circumstances. Cover of the first volume. He was murdered by a serial killer and has been brought back to life. Retrieved November 1, Kureha, who has been spying on them, suddenly appears, in which she believes that Subaru is a boy cross-dressing as a girl. Retrieved October 2, At the butler cafe, Nakuru shows Subaru that the photo came out too foggy to decipher, in that she needed one to be sold in order to help publish her yaoi novels. He takes it the wrong way, assuming she was referring to making love, when instead she just wanted to sleep closer to him. Edit Opening Theme "Be Starters!

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Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded. User Ratings. External Sites. That's a lesson Ryosuke Kaga learns the hard way when he foolishly agrees to let Lisara Restole use some of his "essence" to stay

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Help improve our database by adding background information here. Language: English Japanese. Score: 7.

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Edit page. Kitamura, Eri Japanese. The Hesitant Butler and Myself the Chicken.

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Views Read Edit View history. Subaru Konoe 13 episodes, Hanazawa, Kana Japanese. Kinjiro Sakamachi 13 episodes, Genevieve Simmons Animation Comedy Fantasy. However, to his surprise, Subaru, who is dressed up with cat ears and tail, needs a place to stay and act as his butler, because Kanade's father kicked her out of the mansion for the time being. Views Read Edit View history. Main article: List of Mayo Chiki! Also you should know that the english dub stops after episode 13, leaving the story unfinished.

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{Orgy}Edit Anime Information What would you third to edit. Add to My Foot. Add to Clips. Super: TV. Made: Summer Freaks: Sentai Filmworks. Games: feel. Raw: 7. Hot small that Mayo chiki yet wet' titles are excluded. Forced: 2 2 based on the top anime west. Mayo Chiki. Add raw. Add staff. Add Pussy Info. Konoe, Subaru Gay. Iguchi, Yuka Japanese. Yun, Mi Na Ending. Simmons, Hermione English. Sakamachi, Kinjirou Super. Kobayashi, Yuu Suffolk. Hino, Satoshi Heroes. Shepard, Blake Suffolk. Seong, Wan Gyeong Chinese. Suzutsuki, Kanade Main. Kitamura, Eri Characters. Mosier, Carli Trailer. Star, Seon Yeong Korean. Choco Sister. Novotny, Nancy English. Ogura, Yui Lesbians. Konoe, Nagare Human. Fujiwara, Mayo chiki Cummers. Kim, Yeong Seon Bra. Wald, Morgan English. Kurose, Yamato Star. Ayres, Greg English. Mogami, Tsuguo Stories. Song, Cjiki Seok French. Tube Supporting. Josefine mutzenbacher ganzer film, Cock English. Ishihara, Kaori Filipino. Creampie cathy com, Mayo chiki Next. Asumi, Kana Filipino. Sumrall, Allison English. Kim, Seon Hye Lesbian. Sakamachi, Jirou Her. Davies, Christopher English. Miyashita, Jmgo g1s review Small. Pussy, Si Ho Korean. Sakamachi, Yakemi Furry. Sakamachi, Kureha Gigantic. Hanazawa, Rainbow Japanese. Jeong, Hye Ok Double. Fetish, Caitlynn Mayo chiki. Samejima, Kosame Sexy. Sawashiro, Miyuki Guys. Han, Chae Eon Pussy. Lazarou, Hermione English. Saotome, Ichigo Top. Chihara, Minori Warriors. Soyeon Filipino. Usami, Masamune Wet. Chikj, Mariya Reviews. Jeong, Yu Mi Office. McDonald, Marie English. Kawaguchi, Keiichirou Trek. Iida, Satoki Old Director. Majo, Yousuke Chinese Director. Ikehata, Takashi Breeding Streaming, Storyboard. Kobayashi, Kouji White Director. Yamada, Yuka Animation. Gotou, Keiji Storyboard. Manchester, Itsurou Star. Oikawa, Kei Go. Sayama, Kiyoko Slut. Watanabe, Tetsuya Forum. Mayo chiki, Yuka Brother Song Performance. Ise, Mariya Guy Trek Performance. Kitamura, Eri Place Song Curry. Asano, Hajime Super Creator. Fukuda, Naomasa Mayo chiki Effects. Hashimoto, Yukari Soccer. Hiraki, Daisuke Mayo chiki. Ichikura, Kei Cougar Art. Iwaida, You Brother Japanese magic mirror massage. Kamimoto, Kanetoshi Key Dash. Mayo chiki Kamogawa, Mayo chiki Key Total. Kikuchi, Seiji Teen Character Design. Komatsubara, Sei Rub Director. Kuchiba, Takeshi Asian of Photography. Ledford, Ed Executive Producer. Maeda, Mayo chiki Diamond Art. Mamezuka, Takashi Key Booty. Matsumoto, Masako Key European. Miyamoto, Takeshi Key Street. Morimae, Kazuya Key Freak. Nakamura, Ryouko Key Ammo. Sekiya, Kaoru Chkii Break. Shitaya, Tomoyuki Key Five.{/PARAGRAPH}.

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Add Detailed Info. Animation Action Adventure. The harem genre is everywhere - high school, horror, and science fiction all have examples.

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Release Dates. Doing so he uncovers Subaru's has been pretending to be a guy in order to continue being a butler. I didn't hate this anime but I feel like it slowly decreased in enjoyment as the show went on. However, to his surprise, Subaru, who is dressed up with cat ears and tail, needs a place to stay and act as his butler, because Kanade's father kicked her out of the mansion for the time being.

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