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Remember, even two minutes of hard, swift pops does the trick. Psychological presentation of the bottom. While it can be difficult to be that vulnerable in revealing those to someone, this is why it's important: If you do not clearly and explicitly communicate a limit or limitation to a partner, you are claiming all responsibility and simultaneously absolving your partner from any responsibility for any damage done to you as a result of that limit or limitation being crossed. This is a variation of the above position, note that the spankers knees are interlocked, producing a stable platform. Will often leave the skin red and somewhat inflamed. Things that are NOT your responsibility Prioritizing your partner's needs over your own. Crying out: I expect it. Spanking Positions and Postures. Effectively safeguard those limits and limitations.

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Sometimes I send him off to work in the morning after a good PS. That habit MUST change bottoms up red. The following films are as follows. The "Roles", "Responsibilities", "Types of Spankings", "Spanking Positions", and "Implements" sections can be collapsed by clicking on their respective headers.

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How lengthy have you been blogging for? Common Implements When spanking, be mindful of the heaviness and hardness of your implement. Whatever position you require your lady to adopt it must be one which allows you to lovingly control her body… and it should always permit you full access to her bottom.

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Positioning the lady who requires chastisement or spanking must be for your comfort and to heighten her awareness of her well presented bottom. Corrective Discipline Not to be confused with Punishment, "discipline" comes from the Latin word disciplina which means 'instruction'. I want the intimacy to be between his bare bottom and the instrument. Don't do either.

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Sometimes, you may be convinced to do something you're unwilling to do by being told you are technically capable of it. Mentor This is a person who helps you set rules and optionally disciplines you for breaking them. In this position you may constantly need to remind her to remain in position after each spank is delivered, and wiggle less. Punishment Spanking. There are no rules for how internally accepting or resistant you should be to any part of this. Newer Post Older Post Home. He knows to put his nose all the way in, keep his hands to his sides and refrain from even the slightest fidgeting regardless of how nervous he is. I favor a lot of stinging strokes as opposed to a few extra-hard for several reasons. Triple A News. The spankee elevates their bottom by resting on their knees while keeping their elbows or head on whatever surface they're atop.

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Spanking is an act which uses pain, applied exclusively to the recipient's bottom, as a tool for producing an intended effect. This position is good for using longer implements, such as canes and paddles. Triple A News. While you might be blessed with a partner who's particularly adept at detecting these things, especially after being with you a while, these responsibilities never shift from you over to them, nor should they ever be expected to.

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Remember that, along with keeping yourself safe, you also have responsibilities with keeping your interests fulfilled. Pi has learned a tough lesson on what happens to foul mouthed little brats that call their mom a bitch. Cancel Your email address will not be published.

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