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In the work print, there's drum-heavy music, which reminds of an African song being modernly edited. Here, he tells, that Sweeney had been right. Mitch tells a dirty joke respectively the end of it before going to the Mexicans. But he didn't get anything like that. Danny says that their father's death didn't change Derek, but that it triggered something inside him and opened his eyes. In the work print version, there is a scene showing Derek and Seth arriving at the party. He also comments that although Derek's racist views may seem to have arisen from anger over his father's death, Danny believes that the seed for his brother's views was planted years earlier; his father often delivered racist rants and epithets, and his death misdirected Derek's anger into racism. Returning home, Derek finds Danny emulating him, sporting a D. In the theatrical cut, there is a voice over by Danny, respectively he writes into his essay: "It's hard to look back and see the truth about people you love. Finally, Derek wins the game, the white pack rejoices and the black guys leave the court.

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Best Original Screenplay. Subsequently he asks Derek what he was convicted of and starts wildcatting when Derek doesn't answer right away. She must satisfy two cocks at the same time.

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Sweeney meets with police officers being briefed on Derek's release. But he wants to be untroubled and bad-temperately rants at Seth. Views Read Edit View history. In the work print, you find out that Derek had been convicted to state prison arrest for seven years.

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Derek asks, among other things, if they will go visit the two in hospital. Political Film Society. Share this page:. In the work print, you see Derek walking to the second victim in extreme slow-motion for a bit longer, but otherwise it's identical to the theatrical Version.

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Outside the house, Doris futilely tries to justify the behavior of her son. The truth is it started earlier. The conversation between Danny and Derek at home is alike. Retrieved 10 February GND : But he didn't get anything like that. Derek is surprised that the event is so big and says coming here was no good idea.

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In the theatrical version of the scene with dinner with their father, Danny's tapping fingers and his voice over introduce to the flashback to the dinner with the father. Subsequently, Derek sends Danny to school, even though he wanted to be with his brother at home. Also, the song "Sieg Heil" is missing in the work print.

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He says that a part of him believed Derek would be proud when he sees what Danny had learned while Derek was away. The worst though is that he makes young people like Danny look like racists and even makes themselves believe they are, even though they actually are only proud of their white origin. When the cashier gets spilled all over with milk, one of the attackers says in the work print "This color suits you well".

American History X / PART # 1

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