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That is an ability running in Makoto's family, but it's limited to one living relative at time. This can be attributed to their human side, however. In anime, creators often use a lot of creative license in just how these spirits look and behave, though they commonly have white hair and yellow eyes in human forms. Stick with us until the end and enjoy! His strangeness is all up to the fact that he can see what normal humans cannot: the youkai. The last 5 names are real names, and I've added the meanings of those names in brackets. Having lost her home and without money, Nanami is not one to remain crying. Still, we wanted to put him into this chart as he represents that part of Japanese folklore that depicted foxes as animals who stuck to humans fondly! Inu x Boku features a lot of different youkai with Soushi, servant to Ririchiyo, a kitsune. Author: May.

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Kouta and Chizuru are absolutely inseparable, and their whole high school knows it. The Tamayorihime, as the word suggests, is a princess with the duty of sealing away the Onikirimaru, that is an artifact of the gods with the power to destroy the whole world. Top 10 Kitsune Anime [Best Recommendations] 4.

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And there we have it! Gintarou is the kitsune herald of the Saeki family shrine, but only young Makoto can see him. Gingitsune shows a great example of a kitsune in the role of messenger of the god Inari as in the legends.

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In this name generator you'll find 2 types of names. It was a righteous sacrifice, as he saved a young boy even though he himself died, and yet the gods aren't prepared to welcome him. This amazingly cute story revolves around Nanami Momozono, who's just been left full of debts by his gambler father. Gingitsune follows the lives of these two as they strive to fulfill their roles.

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From that moment on, some circumstances will lead Nanami to become the new Land God, and she will get to know Tomoe better. In Japanese folklore, foxes have always had a strong presence. While she thinks she's just been tricked, a boy with fox's ears appear in front of her. Stick with us until the end and enjoy! This gives Naruto heightened abilities but also a sense of isolation from others, who fear he may one day bring disaster down on the village. Even though he is strong and powerful, when it comes to Ririchiyo, Soushi turns into an obedient little puppy as he has a soft spot for her. Inu x Boku features a lot of different youkai with Soushi, servant to Ririchiyo, a kitsune. He wishes to one day become the greatest ninja and leader of his village and makes grand proclamations of his intentions. Supernatural Anime. Kohina, a self-proclaimed living doll, decides to test the legend that playing Kokkuri-san by yourself you will be haunted by the spirit.

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We value your privacy. Comedy Anime. We talked about kitsune as spirits following their own agenda, supernatural heralds, and super-powered fighters. With the rise of Westernization in Japan, tensions between humans and youkai have escalated.

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Login Register. He is able to fly and predict the future with the use of his fox fire. While kitsune are fascinating and entrancing creatures, there doesn't seem to be quite enough anime that are focused on them specifically. Kokkuri-san is an amazing show that, sadly, went unnoticed.

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