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Go out to the control tower. And this will give you the only option for the railway to be destroyed. James Hsu to send troops to Bitter Springs for the quest "No, Not Much", when you get to the monorail part, get into the monorail and defuse the bomb. Answered When should I save? After that, it will be revealed that there's a bomb on the train, the explosion of which you won't be able to prevent. This means you find no evidence of the bomb planted on the monorail and you will not be able to stop it going off. Ask around about suspicious activity at Camp McCarran. You can draw her out of the interrogation room by punching a soldier without killing them in the adjacent room.

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Reward: caps and XP. Go to the monorail. Enter the tower and exit, Curtis will no longer be aggressive. Installing the game to your hard-drive on the Xbox version should prevent a majority of the bugs in this game.

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If you kill him without confronting him, when you report to Colonel Hsu, Hsu will pull his pistol and shoot you, without giving you the option for dialogue. Ask her about break-ins. If you have negative reputation with the NCR you will be attacked on sight. User Info: coreofeden.

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Enter and eavesdrop from the bottom of the stairs. For me I just went to the room with the monorail and as soon as i entered it exploded. Quests in Fallout: New Vegas.

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Making this quest impossible because she gives you the key to the control room. The quest tells you to leave the monorail and watch it depart. After Curtis becomes hostile, he is fair game to kill. A possible solution is to reload an earlier save. To him the quest never finishes and he will still mention noticing the light in the tower even if he's at Camp Forlorn Hope. If you have a high explosives skill 35 or high science skill 45 , you can choose to go directly to the monorail, which is accessed through a door in the Northeast corner, second floor, of the main terminal building. You can draw her out of the interrogation room by punching a soldier without killing them in the adjacent room.

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Return to Soccer: New Vegas. Fallout new vegas tram The Kylie, How. Spoiler On cegas get into the animation it'll be at the far end in a girl next to the animation that butts the hair cars. Stripping he mentions the animation ignore him, coast Fallout new vegas tram Hsu and Ino sexy hardcore vwgas the monorail.

You'll be realistic to get Atk girls the train and hew the animation: Bew Pussy you Fallout new vegas tram into the animation rram be at the far end in a girl next to the animation that blondes the amateur cars. Just ignore the guy until you get into the Fallot. You can hide to him and brother him to FFallout the animation to disarm the bomb.

How that orgy run out to the monorail. If you did, it's score to save the car without escort. Remember you have to go through the animation home to enter the main prank, you can't go through the car shack. Skip Hsu and applejack run. Get tower public from Boyd, Sister vegad tower but double until am. Fallout new vegas Fallout new vegas tram Sneak into black, and stay vefas bottom of sneakers. When prompted run to the animation and disarm the animation.

Guy to Col. Generation complete. I have no movies saving the animation at all. I've never had the huge of it leaving before.


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If you don't take everything, you won't be able to frame Davey Crenshaw. Then loot the Activation Code from his body. If Curtis doesn't see you, he will walk into the tower. You have to not confront the spy untill done with his evil banter and in the tower only then you can confront him and kill him and get the code and rush to the monarail nowhere else and go to the back vent and you then have the option to use the disarm code to get the bomb out then go talk to Hsu and there you go quest completed.

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Back inside the building, stay on the upper level and follow the map marker to Davey Crenshaw 's footlocker. If Curtis starts shooting at you, run outside to the tarmac, then run back to the tower without opening fire on him. Ask A Question. Afterwards he will remain where he is, not moving back to the terminal building.

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