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Forgot account? Responsible for Cristian's disappearance, Tico has programmed Cristian to kill Antonio; the attempt fails as the trauma of trying to kill his own brother brings Cristian's memories flooding back. Clint refuses to believe this and says to Viki, "Do you really believe this lunatic? Jessica walks away, saying coyly, "I wonder what John McBain is up to? When his efforts are continually rebuffed, he finally kidnaps Jessica and keeps her drugged at his mysterious estate. He discovers Natalie's prison, but finds himself trapped inside with her. Nash is on his way out-of-town as a guilty Jessica flees the adoption hearing; they both find themselves at the stone quarry, finally giving into temptation and making love.

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Duke Buchanan. Suspicious of Jared, Jessica pretends to be Tess to hopefully gain his confidence; he counters by notifying the doctors at St. Jessica and Antonio divorce in July , but she collapses in the courthouse as her body rejects the transplanted liver. Anns for treatment but Ford does not let them insisting that Tess is the only person who will let him be with Ryder.

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She, Brody and Liam were a family. Anne's so Jessica can come home in exchange for a piece of the Buchanan fortune and the Buchanan mansion. The judge agrees to this, granting them temporary custody of Ryder.

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Jessica said she got over the fact that Brody and Natalie were sleeping together and had a child but asked if the second time was an accident too. Creator: Agnes Nixon. Natalie's real father was Clint, while Jessica's father was Mitch Laurence. However, since last year, the model is dating an American actor, punk rock musician, and songwriter, Shane West.

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Growing up, she attended a local school and started her modeling career at an early age. Before Natalie was able to say anything, Jessica acknowledged that she'd heard the news about Natalie's engagement to Brody. At St. Natalie insisted that Viki was happy, but Jessica felt that Viki hadn't had a choice. When Gary Tomlin joined the show as Executive Producer in January , his familiarity with the series and its characters — from his stint as director from to — "manifested itself in It is revealed that Jared shares a secret past with Tess, who had been responsible for sending him to prison and ruining his chances at a good business job. Cutter cuts in and demands that Bess brings Tess back, but Bess scoffs at him and asks what Tess even sees in him. Putting on a red wig and flashy dress to look like Viki's former alternate personality Niki Smith, Allison sneaks into Viki's mansion, Llanfair, and takes Jessica while Viki is asleep. Jessica was appalled, and she snapped that Clint was her father in every way.

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They had replaced her with Mitch's daughter who would become Jessica , and had given Clint's daughter who would become Natalie to Dr. Riley family. Kevin Lord Riley Buchanan a.

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Jessica survives surgery, but mentally regresses herself into an alter named Teen Jessica in order to forget about the rape. All Style Hunter Vogue. She survives, but is left comatose and in critical condition. On Mondays we wear black.

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