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Kohana's friends notice that she is missing and search around the school to find her. It is finally the day of the Hoshi Festival. A sportsman who loves basketball. Kohana finds Rintaro looking at the owl and they talk about Rintaro's gratefulness to being accepted by the committee. Renaissance [Recommendations]. When she does her demonstration, there are no sparkles. Kohana then meets her roommate, Juri Chikamatsu. After giving the flowers to Teika, Kohana witnesses the production of her first sparkles. A kind-hearted cellist who is accepting of everyone.

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Later, Kohana spots Kanato staying up late to practice the cello. He comments that her light is bright and clear and that he could never be able to make light like hers. She finds Todo in the greenhouse and he tells her stories of her mother Sakura from when they were students.

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Sign Up. One Piece One Piece Magic-Kyun Renaissance Excellent.

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In Monet's art studio, Rintaro Tatewaki asks Monet if he actually wants to draw with color and not only monochrome drawings. After that, Louis coolly walks away. The others, while disappointed, let Teika dance with Kohana. The principal informs Kohana that she has to leave Hoshigei.

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He hardly ever takes things seriously, but he has special dancing abilities that captivate anyone that watches. Gekijouban Seishun Buta Yarou wa Yu With persuasion, he agrees to draw the Hoshi Fest pamphlet cover art, as none of the members can draw well. Continuing to walk, Teika notices Kohana in a building practicing her flower arrangements. Kohana shares her excitement for the Art Session and the others comment on her sensitivity to their Light of Arte. Louis, Rintaro, Kanato, and Monet argue about the last dance. He tells her that Sakura helped their committee keep going with her attitude and belief, how he met Sakura, and how she helped him find inspiration for his pottery. Louis notices her and helps her practice, and she assumes that he loves dancing.

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A few days later, Rintaro is still working on his assignment which is an owl sculpture based on the owl sculpture at the school his grandfather made. To choose the right person, Juri holds auditions based on competitions and earning points. Rintaro must take an exam for third year students that will determine his future at the school and as an artist. I'm with Honey-chan on this one, would you look at these boys in the PV

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Teika, losing patience, asks to choose new members, better candidates for the festival. When the fireworks end, they reflect on their time together. Has an older twin brother who is also a painter.

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