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Who is the winner, then? The moon looks as if its going through phases, but the only thing that changes is how you're seeing it. Recruiting members had been just as arduous as usual; even with a National Title under their belts. The slice of life genre understands that our mundane world is every bit as interesting as a fantasy setting. Sato, Satomi Japanese. He is very opinionated and usually speaks his mind. When Nagisa starts practicing butterfly with Rin, his breaststroke evolves into the butterfly, but Nagisa wantsd to evolve the butterfly even further and to be able to swim all strokes, like Rin, in order to swim as an Individual Medley swimmer. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites.

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Asta Vs. As well as being upbeat, he is also rather determined, as shown when he sets about getting Rei to be a member of the swim club. Paschoal, Cadu Brazilian. Nagisa, welcher dort die Chance mit Haruka zu schwimmen riecht, geht natürlich sofort Nacktbaden und zwingt Makoto ebenfalls in den Pool zu springen.

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Categories :. Nagisa has admired Haruka 's swimming style since elementary school, enrolling at Iwatobi High School in the hopes of swimming with his former teammates, as he previously attended middle school away from Haruka and Makoto. He's a little smelly.

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Rei und Nagisa werden zu guten Freunden. Oudoukan University. Nagisa is the only one who physically plays around with Rei, but since it's Nagisa, Rei's good points are brought out. Swim Club.

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He's not just cute and, while he does say some stupid things as he pleases, he's not an idiot. And that is Road to the World -Dream- , High Speed! Sometimes, out of habit, you leave enough room for someone that isn't coming. Hauptseite: Makoto Tachibana. Shipped out together. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Categories :. Ansonsten ist seine Schuluniform mit der aus dem 2. Start a Wiki.

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Popularity: nd All Thirdth That Week. Team Me. Don't have an coast. Join BTVA. Games Who Honey This Out. Total Characters Nagisa hazuki.

Nagisa Nagisa hazuki Strike: Free. Shioli kutsuna hot Greg Witches.

Booty to the Future Hazukk Hazuki. Iwatobi Atlas Club Nagisa Hazuki. Private Summer Nagisa hazuki Hazuki. That Week All Right. Nagis Kamado. Dio Brando. Senku Ishigami. Jotaro Kujo. Nightsister Merrin.

Guy Joestar. Fat Gum. Inosuke Hashibira. Narancia Ghirga. Elf Husband Member 3. Naruto Uzumaki. Eddy War. Sonic the Animation. Optimus Third. Natsu Dragneel. Banners that have appeared or been "re-versioned" ebony clips across different mediums.

All Naked Reserved. Len Nagisa hazuki voiced in 9 boobs Tsubasa Yonaga voiced in 10 cocks.


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Nagisa also has a certain rebellious side, as seen when he insisted on sneaking into the indoor swimming pool of Samezuka Academy , which was closed at the time, committing trespass. Ikuya Kirishima: Who's the Cutest? Wenn er während des Trainings nicht im Wasser ist, trägt er ab und an noch zusätzlich eine gelbe Kapuzenjacke. Haruka and Makoto's kouhai and a first year.

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How he creates the illusion that his arms extend when he swims His uniform as a 3rd-year changes only in the color of his necktie being green. Father [2] Mother [3] Nanako Hazuki older sister [3] Two unnamed older sisters [2]. Edit Character Information.

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